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[Originally posted to the ThreeWayFight on June 3, 2023.] 3WF: Trans and other gender-nonconforming people have become a major target of right-wing political attacks in recent years, and they continue to be major targets of systemic oppression and physical violence in U.S. society. How do you apply a three way fight framework to help us understand the contending forces in this situation? Rowan: It feels important to start this out by speaking to the seriousness and urgency of this moment. Transgender people I know (particularly trans women) are panicking. Trans people are fleeing Republican-controlled states, and even trans women in...

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[Originally posted to the ThreeWayFight blog.] Kdog reviews the new book, We Go Where They Go: the Story of Anti-Racist Action   I spent a good part of my teens and twenties building ARA... It was my university... its rewarding to have the history treated as something significant, even crucial. More than giving props to the OG antifas tho—what's really meaningful is that this book will help a new generation, confronting new forms of the fascist threat, find inspiration and lessons in both our successes and failures. In February I read the excellent new book We Go Where They Go:...

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