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We're psyched to be headed to the first annual Upstate Anarchist Bookfair! Here's the info from the facebook event: Join us for the first annual Upstate Anarchist Book Fair May 4th and 5th, 2024 from 12PM-6PM at the PM Press Warehouse: 21 Emma Street, Binghamton, NY This FREE event includes... -Speakers-Panels-Workshops-Warehouse Sale-Vendors-Bands  

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[Originally posted to Gabriel Kuhn's blog at] A review of Don Hamerquist, A Brilliant Red Thread (Montreal: Kersplebedeb, 2023). There is much to like about Montreal publisher Kersplebedeb. One thing is the political positioning. Introducing a list of “Texts for leninists with an anti-authoritarian critique of leninism, and for anarchists with a pro-rev critique of anarchism” they write: “Here at Kersplebedeb, some of of our favourite radical theory occurs where anarchists (broadly speaking) who are critical of anarchism – and are therefore charged with being Leninists – intermingle with Leninists (broadly speaking) who are critical of Leninism – and...

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