About Leftwingbooks

Leftwingbooks is the online storefront of Kersplebedeb Publishing and Distribution, a left-wing (go figure!) literature distribution project based in Montreal. We mail out orders to anywhere in the world, for free for orders over $50 in North America, with free local delivery for any order no matter how small in Montreal itself.

Kersplebedeb stocks books from a wide range of anti-racist, feminist, and generally left-wing perspectives. We are a bit more picky about what we publish, focusing on writings by political prisoners and prisoners of war, documents pertaining to armed politics in the metropole, and the political economy of global capitalism.

Kersplebedeb has been in business and online since 1998; the leftwingbooks.net website was launched in 2007. For several years we ran an ubercart website, which was a lot of fun but also could be finicky; as of 2022 we are transitioning to Shopify.

Feel free to contact us at:

CP 63560
CCCP Van Horne
Montreal, Quebec
H3W 3H8

Or info@kersplebedeb.com

You can phone us at 1-514-432-3351