Whose Streets?: The Toronto G20 and the Challenges of Summit Protest

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    David Wachsmuth, Tom Malleson (eds.)

    Publisher: Between the Lines

    Year: 2011

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 256 pages

    ISBN: 9781926662794

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This collection reflects critically on the 2010 G20 protests in Toronto and looks ahead to further building our capacity for resistance.

In June 2010 activists opposing the G20 meeting held in Toronto were greeted with brutal and arbitrary state violence. Whose Streets? is a combination of testimonials from the front lines and analyses of the broader context, an account that both reflects critically on what occurred in Toronto and looks ahead to further building our capacity for resistance.

Featuring reflections from activists who helped organize the mobilizations, demonstrators and passersby who were arbitrarily arrested and detained, and scholars committed to the theory and practice of confronting neoliberal capitalism, the collection balances critical perspective with on-the-street intensity. It offers vital insight for activists on how local organizing and global activism can come together.

Table of Contents
Foreword G20 Trials and the War on Activism
Naomi Klein
Tom Malleson and David Wachsmuth
Introduction From the Great Recession to the Streets of Toronto
Tom Malleson and David Wachsmuth
Part I Before the G20: Organizing a Protest Convergence
Chapter 1 Building a Protest Convergence: The Toronto Community Mobilization Network
Tom Malleson
Chapter 2 Community Organizing for a Global Protest
Mac Scott
Chapter 3 Collective Movement, Collective Power: People of Colour, Migrant Justice, and the G20
Syed Hussan
Chapter 4 "Canada Can't Hide Genocide": Marching for Indigenous Rights
Lisa Currier
Chapter 5 Labour'’s Role in Opposing the G20: Building Resistance to Austerity
Archana Rampure
Chapter 6 Unions, Direct Action and the G20 Protests: Obstacles and Opportunities
Unions, Direct Action and the G20 Protests: Obstacles and Opportunities
Chapter 7 Presenting the Movement's Narratives: Organizing Alternative Media
Dan Kellar
Chapter 8 Got Your Back! Building Radical Crisis Support into the G20 Convergence
Monique Woolnough
Part II During the G20: Documenting Resistance and Repression
Chapter 9 Police Violence and State Repression at the Toronto G20: The Facts
Movement Defence Committee
Chapter 10 They Sought to Terrify Us out of the Streets
Nat Gray
Chapter 11 One Day in a Cage: Notes on the Temporary Detention Centre
David Wachsmuth
Chapter 12 "Hop!" A First Hand Account of Police Abuse at the G20
Sarah Pruyn
Chapter 13 Women Resist, Police Repress: Stories of Gendered Police Violence at the Toronto G20
Shailagh Keaney
Chapter 14 A Wall of Brick and Rage
Nicole Tanguay
Chapter 15 Connecting Carceral Spaces: Reflecting on Summit Detention
Swathi Sekhar
Chapter 16 Caught in the Crossfire
Elroy Yau
Part III After the G20: Critical Reflections, Moving Forward
Chapter 17 Martial Law in the Streets of Toronto: G20 Security and State Violence
Neil Smith and Deborah Cowen
Chapter 18 Marching with the Black Bloc: "Violence" and Movement Building
Tammy Kovich
Chapter 19 Forms of Protest Reflect Our Power: Radical Strategy and Mass Mobilizations
Clarice Kuhling
Chapter 20 Surveying the Landscape: Local Protesters and Global Summits
Lesley J. Wood and Glenn J. Stalker
Chapter 21 What Moves Us Now? The Contradictions of "Community"
Clare O'Connor
Chapter 22 Social Protest in the Age of Austerity: Prospects for Mass Resistance After the G20
David McNally
Notes and List of Contributors
What People Are Saying

"Whose Streets? warrants a broad and diverse readership, within and beyond the academy." Labour / Le Travail

"Focusing on eyewitness accounts and reportage,… [the book’s second and third parts] provide powerful illustrations of the clashes between security forces and protestors." Quill & Quire

"I love that editors Tom Malleson and David Wachsmuth made the democratic and risky decision to include a broad spectrum of opinions in their book…This sober retelling of events replaces knee-jerk emotions with necessary facts for anyone still trying to figure out what the hell happened…The spark lies in the storytelling." rabble.ca

"We cannot build a mass movement that is up to the internal as well as external challenges we face unless we collectively and comradely dissect and learn from our struggles. This book is an indispensable resource in applying that basic principle.' Sam Gindin, Visiting Packer Chair in Social Justice, York University

"Whose Streets? celebrates the power of speaking out—let it be widely read and let that power be widely heard." Nathalie Des Rosiers, General Counsel, Canadian Civil Liberties Association

"By telling the stories of the dedicated activists who took our demands for local and global justice and democracy to the streets of Toronto, Whose Streets? offers proof that, in the face of state repression and police violence, our collective resistance to neo-liberal capitalism only grows stronger." Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians

"An invaluable resource for anyone interested in protest in the age of corporate globalization." Judy Rebick, activist and author of Transforming Power: From the Personal to the Political

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