Upping The Anti #9 (November 2009)

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    Editor(s): Upping the Anti

    Publisher: Upping the Anti

    Year: 2009

    Format: journal

    Size: 207 pages


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The November 2009 issue of this journal of radical theory and practice, produced by anticapitalists in canada. Here is the editors' introduction to this issue:


We can hardly believe it, but we’ve done it again. Welcome to the ninth issue of Upping the Anti, our latest contribution to the world of independent radical publishing. As soon as we’re done with one issue, another is in the works, and as usual, the challenges of producing a 200 page book twice a year are substantial. Independent publishing is precarious at the best of times, and because we’ve aimed big – by printing a journal with a circulation of 2,500 and cultivating distribution networks across the continent and beyond – we are no exception to the rule that radical publications need consistent and ongoing support from their readership. We have some new ideas about how to do that, but first let us update you on our changing editorial committee and the new issue. Founding editor Sharmeen Khan has reluctantly turned in her red pen and moved to the UTA advisory board, as has Erika Biddle.We thank both of them for their important contributions to the project. Editor AK Thompson has been on a leave of absence to complete his dissertation, and the work of getting this issue out has been greatly aided by the work of new editors David Hugill, Chandra Kumar, and Danielle O’Hearn. We also welcome Robyn Letson to our advisory board.

As always, we begin this issue with interventions from our readers which support, challenge or complete content from past issues. We’re always soliciting feedback and critical dialogue in our pages so drop us a line if you’ve got some thoughts about issue nine.

In our interviews section, Kelly Fritsch talks with disability, queer and trans activist, Eli Clare. Sharmeen Khan and Natalie Kouri-Towe interview leading scholar Sherene Razack about her book Casting Out: The Eviction of Muslims from Western Law and Politics (University of Toronto Press).

In our first article, Palestine solidarity activist Ben Saifer analyses the emergence and assesses the implications of Zionist-initiated “dialogue” efforts on Canadian university campuses. Next, Kate Milley examines the organization of anti-native activism in response to the struggles of the Six Nations people on the Haldimand tract, revealing the broader, deeply entrenched racism and colonial logic of Canadian society. Finally, Chris Hurl and Kevin Walby untangle common assumptions about student movement politics in their historical analysis of The Canadian Union of Students from 1965-1969.

Our roundtables section begins with a tenth anniversary reflection on the mass mobilization against the World Trade Organization in Seattle in 1999. Contributors offer retrospective analyses of this pivotal moment of the anti-globalization movement. The second roundtable discussion addresses anti-Olympic organizing. We hear from activists preparing for the upcoming mobilizations against the Vancouver 2010 games, and from those who organized against the games in Salt Lake City, Turin, and Sydney.

The book reviews section features Sean Benjamin’s review of Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism (AK Press), and Jeff Shantz’s review of The Red Army Faction, A Documentary History, Volume 1: Projectiles for the People (PM Press).

We hope you find Upping the Anti useful in your organizing work and research. If so, please support us as we face significant financial need. Very few radical publications are able to survive on subscriptions and sales alone and UTA has consciously chosen not to become dependent on government subsidies, grants, or foundation funding. To keep the journal affordable and truly independent, we need the support of our readers. If you have the means to help, we encourage you to join our online sustainers program. The wonders of the internet make it easy to support your most trusted projects; please go to http://uppingtheanti.org and become a monthly sustainer. We aim to have 100 sustainers by the end of 2009. If we succeed, we’ll have the financial security necessary to allow us to focus less on fundraising and more on bringing you the radical debate that is at the core of our effort. And if you’ve put off subscribing, wait no longer. Finally, we are always interested in connecting with activists who would like to distribute the journal. Bulk discounts are available, and if you feel like you could distribute 10 or more copies of each issue, please get in touch with us at uppingtheantidistro@gmail.com.

We are also happy to announce the launch of our new website thanks to the wonderful help of Christopher Dobbie. Please check us out at uppingtheanti.org. PDF versions of all our articles are now online and available to all subscribers, and the site has been re-organized so as to provide a better and more accessible archive of our content.

If you are interested in contributing to issue 10 – scheduled to launch in April 2010 – please send a pitch to uppingtheanti@gmail.com describing your proposed contribution. Pitches are due by November 29, 2009. The deadline for first drafts is January 4, 2010. For more information, please visit our revamped website at uppingtheanti.org

We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your letters, submissions, and support.

In solidarity and struggle,
Aidan Conway, Kelly Fritsch, David Hugill, Tom Keefer, Chandra Kumar, Clare O’Connor, Danielle O’Hearn, AK Thompson
Toronto, November 2009

Book Details

Editor: Upping the Anti
Format: journal
Size: 207 pages
Publisher: Upping the Anti
Year: 2009

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