Unsettled Expectations: Uncertainty, Land and Settler Decolonization

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    Eva Mackey

    Publisher: Fernwood

    Year: 2016

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 224 pages

    ISBN: 9781552668894

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What do local conflicts about land rights tell us about Indigenous-settler relations and the challenges and possibilities of decolonization? In Unsettled Expectations, Eva Mackey draws on ethnographic case studies about land rights conflicts in Canada and the U.S. to argue that critical analysis of present-day disputes over land, belonging and sovereignty will help us understand how colonization is reproduced today and how to challenge it. Employing theoretical approaches from Indigenous and settler colonial studies, and in the context of critical historical and legal analysis, Mackey urges us to rethink the assumptions of settler certainty that underpin current conflicts between settlers and Indigenous peoples and reveals settler privilege to be a doomed fantasy of entitlement.

Finally, Mackey draws on case studies of Indigenous-settler alliances to show how embracing difficult uncertainty can be an integral part of undoing settler privilege and a step toward decolonization.

What People Are Saying

“Lucid and accessible, Unsettled Expectations will appeal to general readers, students and professors, activists and NGO workers, government policy-makers, members of the legal profession, and media.” Daniel Coleman, McMaster University

"An invaluable contribution to the scholarly literature on settler colonialism." Mark Rifkin, author of Settler Common Sense

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