The Roots of Resistance: Selected Highlights from the Freedom Archives

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    Publisher: Freedom Archives


    Format: CD

    Size: 12 tracks/72 minutes


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71 minutes selected from this vast revolutionary resource. Includes excerpts of Ho Chi Minh speaking in English to the U.S. anti-war movement, Fannie Lou Hamer singing Go Tell It On The Mountain, as well as words by Assata Shakur, Amilcar Cabral, Lolita Lebron, Fred Hampton, poetry by Marge Piercy,

June Jordan and Meridel LeSueur, music by Joan Baez, Victor Jara and Sweet Honey in the Rock and much much more!

Staggeringly impressive, important, and inspirational.

Book Details

Format: Audio CD
Size: 12 tracks/72 minutes
Publisher: Freedom Archives
Year: 2002

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