"The Power of Neighborhood" and the Commons

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    Publisher: Autonomedia

    Year: 2014

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 74 pages

    ISBN: 9781570272837

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The anonymous Swiss author of bolo’bolo and Akiba offers a new practical proposal for reshaping the future, based on this prognosis of the present:

“Our economic system is stumbling from one collapse to the next … Our system is fundamentally flawed and destabilized by internal contradictions. To point out one of them: income can only be generated by work, but work is getting scarce at the moment and will become even scarcer in the future. Thus the “purchasing power” that capital needs to realize value is strangulated by itself. These contradictions are being deferred into the future by financial manipulations … The metaphor of the train racing towards an abyss and the need to pull the emergency brake must spring to mind. Since the braking distance has meanwhile become longer than the distance to the abyss, we have to think in terms of parachutes.’’

Tags: Autonomedia ....... autonomist and left communist ....... direct action ....... diy and living skills .......