The Man who Killed Durruti: A Novel

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    Pedro de Paz

    Publisher: PM Press

    Year: 2016

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 128 pages

    ISBN: 9781629631851

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A former policeman, now a major in the Spanish Republican Army, is sent to Madrid to investigate the circumstances in which the legendary anarchist, Buenaventura Durruti, was killed. In his search for the truth he interviews key witnesses and uncovers a number of contradictory accounts. Nobody tells the same story in quite the same way, but as an experienced police officer, he knows it is not inconceivable that they are all telling the truth. But it is also possible that some of them are lying, that some are trying to hide what they know, and more sinisterly, that some may be seeking to sabotage his investigation for darker political ends.

Making imaginative and ingenious use of the detective novel as a literary device, Pedro de Paz explores various hypotheses and scenarios that could at least provide us, seventy years on, with believable explanations about the chain of events leading to the death of a truly remarkable man. Also included are numerous photographs of Durruti and his funeral, and a lengthy afterword by Stuart Christie, putting his life, times, and untimely death into the context of Spanish anarchism, the social revolution, and civil war.

About the Author

Pedro de Paz is a Spanish writer. After working in computing for more than fifteen years, de Paz decided in 2002 to try a career in literature. His first novel, El hombre que mató a Durruti (2004), won the José Saramago Novel Competition. De Paz's literary output is mainly in the field of police and crime novels. He also writes articles and short stories, some of them published in various anthologies and magazines.

Stuart Christie (Afterword) was born in Glasgow in 1946. He has been an apprentice dental technician, sheet metal worker, barrow boy, litho printer, gas fitter, bookseller, occasional farmhand, lobster fisherman, writer and publisher. He became a socialist (Labour Party Young Socialists) at the age of fifteen but moved rapidly to anarchism. He served over three years of a twenty-year sentence for ‘banditry and terrorism’ imposed by a Spanish court for his part in an attempt to assassinate General Franco in 1964. He was later arrested and imprisoned in London for eighteen months until acquitted in the Angry Brigade trial at the Old Bailey, one of the longest trials in British legal history.

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