The Logic of Political Violence: Lessons in Reform and Revolution

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    Craig Rosebraugh

    Publisher: Arissa

    Year: 2004

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 276 pages

    ISBN: 9780974288413

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Within Westernized societies, particularly the United States, there has been a near-universal acceptance that nonviolent action has been the foundation on which the progress and/or success of political and social justice movements have been built. Yet, contrary to popular belief, political violence has played a crucial role in advancing historic justice struggles. This breakthrough study examines the historic roles that both nonviolence and political violence have played in international social and political movements. The profound and well-researched conclusions presented advocate the necessity of political and social revolution in the United States—using any means necessary. This is an excellent resource for those contemplating political and social change and for anyone involved in political and social movements, especially those wondering why single-issue pursuits rarely, if ever, are successful. Challenging the predominant societal norms on the political and social change process in the United States, this is an important contribution to the struggle that may very well become the new American revolution.

About the Author

Craig Rosebraugh has been a political activist since the early 1990s. He is the former national spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, as well as a cofounder of the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office (NAELFPO). He has written articles for the Earth First! Journal and No Compromise magazine, contributed to Toward Freedom, and is the author of Burning Rage of a Dying Planet. He lives in Tempe, Arizona.

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