The Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland

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    Shlomo Sand

    Publisher: Verso

    Year: 2012

    Format: Hardcover

    Size: 304 pages

    ISBN: 9781844679461

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Groundbreaking new work from the controversial author of The Invention of the Jewish People

Following his acclaimed and controversial Invention of the Jewish People, Shlomo Sand examines the mysterious sacred land that has become the site of the longest-running national struggle of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The Invention of the Land of Israel deconstructs the age-old legends surrounding the Holy Land and the prejudices that continue to suffocate the region. The modern concept of the "Land of Israel" came into being in the nineteenth century, he argues. It motivated the early Zionists to colonize the Middle East and establish the State of Israel, and today it threatens Israel's political stability and continued existence.

What People Are Saying

“Anyone interested in understanding the contemporary Middle East should read this book.” – Tony Judt, on The Invention of the Jewish People

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