Revolutionary Activism: The Spanish Resistance In Context

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    Octavio Alberola

    Publisher: Kate Sharpley Library


    Format: Saddle-stitched pamphlet

    Size: 19 pages


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Some folks reading this may have heard of the legendary anarchist guerilla Sabaté. How many know that the anarchists never stopped fighting Franco and, with the end of the Spanish revolution, tried—unsuccessfully, unfortunately—to assassinate him several times, and carried on a guerrilla war till the very end of the fascist regime. Here the libertarian activist described as "Franco's public enemy number one" recounts some of the context of the new wave of opposition to the Franco regime in the 1960s, and its international significance.

Book Details

Author: Octavio Alberola
Format: Saddle-stitched pamphlet
ISBN: 9781873605776
Size: 19 pages
Publisher: Kate Sharpley Library
Year: 2000

Tags: anarchism ....... anticapitalism ....... antifascism ....... armed struggle ....... Kate Sharpley Library .......