Rebolusyon: A Generation of Struggle in the Philippines

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    Benjamin Pimentel

    Publisher: Monthly Review Press

    Year: 1991

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 350 pages

    ISBN: 9780853458234

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In 1969, Ferdinand Marcos won a second term as president, in one of the dirtiest campaigns in Philippine history. That same year, Edgar Jopson was elected president of the National Union of Students of the Philippines, in a campaign to keep the Communists out of the student movement. Thirteen years later Jopson was gunned down by the military during a raid on an underground safe house. He was by then one of the most wanted people in the country, with a price on his head, a leading Communist Party cadre and member of the urban underground. Jopson was an unusual individual, and his story is a fascinating one. Yet his experiences were those of a generation of student radicals that came of age in the 1970s, and galvanized a country to action in the 1980s. Thus this book is not just the biography of one person, it is the history of a generation.

What People Are Saying
"In this sensitive treatment of a key leader of the Philippine left, Pimentel brings alive the remarkable development of the Philippine progressive movement in the 1970s and 1980s. This was truly a generation that mattered in Philippine politics." Walden Bello, author, Development Debacle: The World Bank and the Philippines
About the Author

Benjamin Pimentel is a Filipino journalist and political writer and was a staff associate at the Philippine Resource Center in Berkeley, California.

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