Rainbow Reflections: Body Image Comics for Queer Men

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    Stephanie Gauvin, Phillip Joy, Matthew Lee

    Publisher: Ad Astra

    Year: 2019

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 180 pages

    ISBN: 9780994050793

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This unique anthology combines comics with scholarship for a stunning and heart-felt inquiry into the current state of queer men's physical, mental, emotional and sexual health. With over 30 contributing artists, comics explore subjects like online dating, fat-shaming, gender dysphoria, top surgery, good consent, and overcoming adversity with the help of a friend or partner. 'Rainbow Reflections' is, at its core, a book of self-love and self-care.

Tags: Ad Astra ....... Matthew Lee ....... Phillip Joy ....... queer liberation ....... sexuality ....... Stephanie Gauvin .......