Prisoners and Partisans: Italian anarchists in the struggle against fascism

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    Mauro de Agostini, Pietro de Piero, Italino Rossi, Marco Rossi, Giorgio Sacchetti

    Publisher: Kate Sharpley Library

    Year: 1999

    Format: Saddle-Stitched Pamphlet

    Size: 37 pages

    ISBN: 9781873605479

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A selection of essays covering early anti-fascist combat groups, attempts on the life of Il Duce, partisan operations in the war and post-war assaults on the fascists.

"Not a lengthy, dry or dusty tome; it is a fresh, well-researched collection of articles on resistance and gives a graphic description of the Italian anarchists' struggle against Mussolini." Direct Action #12

Table of Contents

Anarchists against Mussolini, Italino Rossi
Livorno: Anarchists versus fascism, Livorno Editorial Centre. Historical research by Marco Rossi
Gino Lucetti and the attempt on Mussolini's life, Pietro de Piero
Turin 1930, Mauro De Agostini,
Anarchist Activity in Italy 1939-1945, Giorgio Sacchetti
Anarchists in the Renicci d'Anghiari concentration camp, Giorgio Sacchetti
The Red Flying Column 1945-49, Marco Rossi

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