Perspectives on Anarchist Theory V.12 N.2

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    Publisher: Institute for Anarchist Studies

    Year: 2010

    Format: journal

    Size: 84 pages

    ISBN: PATV12N2

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The "Politics of Climate Change" issue, 2010.

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is the annual publication of the Institute for Anarchist Studies; it includes recent essays by IAS-supported writers, feature articles with anarchist views on contemporary issues, book reviews, and updates about IAS activities.

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is edited and produced by a collective that includes Paul Messersmith-Glavin, Maia Ramnath, and Lara Messersmith-Glavin. Cover art and design by Josh MacPhee.

Table of Contents

Maia Ramnath

Atmospheric Dialectics
Javier Sethness

The Climate Crisis or the Crisis
of Climate Politics?
Andre Pusey & Bertie Russell

All Power to the People
Lara Messersmith-Glavin

Movements for Climate Action
Brian Tokar

What We’re Reading
Cindy Crabb, John Duda,
& Joshua Stephens

Book Details

Format: journal
Size: 84 pages
Publisher: Institute for Anarchist Studies
Year: 2010

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