Paranoia & Heartbreak

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    Jerome Gold

    Publisher: Seven Stories Press



    Size: 344 pages

    ISBN: 9781583228777

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For fifteen years, Jerome Gold worked as a rehabilitation counselor in a prison for juveniles in Washington state. Throughout his time there, he kept a journal of his experiences with youths who had been incarcerated for murder, kidnap, assault, rape and other sex offenses, auto theft, burglary, and selling drugs. What started as a journal designed to relieve stress turned into the evocation of one man’s nuanced perspective on a unique group of young people. Paranoia & Heartbreak tells Gold's personal story of coming to terms with people who have crossed over to the other side of their own humanity. Writing from ample experience and with unflinching compassion, Gold brings the reader to see these "deviants"—and through them, in some slanted way, our whole society—with an unexpected intensity.

Jerome Gold is the author of ten books, including Sergeant Dickinson (Soho Press, 1999), which was based on his experiences in the US Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War. He is also the publisher of Black Heron Press.

Book Details

Author: Jerome Gold
Format: paperback
ISBN: 978-1-58322-877-7
Size: 344 pages
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
Year: 2009

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