Maurice Bishop Speaks: The Grenada Revolution, 1979-83

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    Maurice Bishop

    Publisher: Pathfinder Press

    Year: 1983

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 512 pages

    ISBN: 9780873486125

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The triumph of the 1979 revolution in the Caribbean island of Grenada had “importance for all struggles around the world,” said Maurice Bishop, its central leader.

Invaluable lessons from that workers and farmers government, overturned in a Stalinist-led coup, can be found in this collection.

What People Are Saying

“We have in this volume the literary report of the leading actor. We hear Bishop acclaiming, with justifiable pride, the social and economic achievements of the revolution. ” Monthly Review

Maurice Bishop Speaks ends with three appendices addressing the role of Cuba…including Castro’s speech on 14 November honoring the Cuban dead and Bishop’s memory. Castro eulogized Bishop: “It was impossible to imagine anyone more noble, modest and unselfish…he was a true revolutionary—conscientious and honest. Latin American Research Review

“The book is devoted to 27 interviews with or speeches by Bishop, covering a broad range of his beliefs, including the equality of women, education, religion, and, most prominently, U.S. imperialism in the Caribbean. ” Library Journal

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