Malcolm X: The Last Speeches

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    Malcolm X

    Publisher: Pathfinder Press

    Year: 1989

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 190 pages

    ISBN: 9780873485432

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“Any kind of movement for freedom of Black people based solely within the confines of America is absolutely doomed to fail.” —Malcolm X

Six never-before-published speeches and interviews by Malcolm X. Included are the final two speeches in print given by him prior to his assassination on February 21,1965.

What People Are Saying
“One can witness the genesis of Malcolm's slogan, By Any Means Necessary, and observe the reason for his appeal to black and white audiences.”—The Nation
“Two phenomena of great interest to students of recent black protest are represented in this brief volume.” —Choice Reviews
“Six Malcolm X speeches and interviews, which have never been published before.” —Book News

“The last speech in the book, made in Rochester, New York five days before his assassination, is a classic speech. In this speech, Malcolm makes a sweeping summary of his views, a virtual primer of his beliefs at their fullest point of development. Every student of Black liberation politics should be familiar with this speech, and therefore should own and thoroughly read this book.” —The Black Scholar

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