Love and Rage Anarchist Compilation

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    Publisher: Love and Rage Anarchist Collective



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Twenty tracks of anarchist music from around the world: 1. No WTO Combo—“Lets Lynch the Landlord”; 2. Snog—“Corporate Slave”; 3. David Rovics—“We Are Everywhere”; 4. Curse of Dialect—“ Forces ov Hatred”; 5. Jekkyl Switch—“Salary Man”; 6. Eyeresist—“Saints”; 7. Ginger Tom—“United”; 8 Tazumal—“The Patriot”; 9. Durruti—“The Workers United”; 10. Skreech—“Death to the Government”; 11. Zearle—“Prophets of Profit”; 12. Lost Cause—“Anti-War”; 13. Eye—“Mandate”; 14. Sabcats—“The Good Fight”; 15. Che Chapter 127—“Kill the Ones Who Question”; 16. Non-Bossy Posse—“Catalyst”; 17. Andrew Bunney—“12 Years”; 18. Urban Guerillas—“Here Come the Americans”; 19. Propagandhi—“The Only Good Fascist is a Dead One”; 20 Bakunin’s Bum—“How Far Are You Willing to Go?”

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Publisher: Love and Rage Anarchist Collective

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