Interviews with Radical Palestinian Women

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    Shoal Collective

    Publisher: Active Distribution

    Year: 2021

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 158 pages

    ISBN: 9781914567070

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Compiled by Shoal Collective, this series of interviews with Palestinian women covers their struggles on all fronts – against colonialism, white supremacy, conservatism, patriarchy, state control – and occupation.

The idea for this book came out of a concern that solidarity movements have a tendency only to engage with Palestinians about their fight against the Israeli occupation. Sometimes this can be a barrier to seeing them as comrades in our intersecting struggles.

10 radical Palestinian women spoke to the authors between 2018-2021. Listening to their voices will help people outside of Palestine better understand them as allies in our global struggles for freedom.

Tags: colonialism ....... feminism ....... Palestine ....... racism ....... settler colonialism ....... Shoal Collective .......