Feminism for the 99%:A Manifesto

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    Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, Nancy Fraser

    Publisher: Verso

    Year: 2019

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 97 pages

    ISBN: 9781788734424

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Named one of Vogue’s “Most Anticipated Books of 2019”

This is a manifesto for the 99 percent

Unaffordable housing, poverty wages, inadequate healthcare, border policing, climate change—these are not what you ordinarily hear feminists talking about. But aren’t they the biggest issues for the vast majority of women around the globe? Taking as its inspiration the new wave of feminist militancy that has erupted globally, this manifesto makes a simple but powerful case: feminism shouldn’t start—or stop—with the drive to have women represented at the top of their professions. It must focus on those at the bottom, and fight for the world they deserve. And that means targeting capitalism. Feminism must be anticapitalist, eco-socialist and antiracist.

What People Are Saying

"Nancy Fraser is among the very few thinkers in the tradition of critical theory who are capable of redeeming its legacy in the twenty-first century." Axel Honneth"

For more than a decade, Nancy Fraser's thought has helped to reframe the agenda of critical theory."Etienne Balibar

"Nancy Fraser challenges us to reactivate the audacious spirit of second-wave feminism. Analyzing an imaginary aimed at eradicating exploitation as well as subjugation, she offers a rousing conclusion as to how we might mobilize feminism’s best energies against the perils of the neoliberal present." Lynne Segal

"Nancy Fraser is one of the most creative social philosophers and critical theorists of her generation." Cornel West  

"Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, and Nancy Fraser ... have collaborated and written what is effectively a prospective programme for the global women's movement, a feminist manifesto for the 99%." Socialism Today

"[Feminism for the 99%'s] captivating vision of feminism is not a standalone movement, isolated from battles against the exploitation of people or the planet ... in contrast, [it] calls for radical movements to join together in a 'common anti-capitalist insurgency.' Where do I sign up?" Red Pepper

"Fulfils the serious promise of its subtitle, ‘a manifesto’, as it makes feminism generally applicable and available – and addresses the crisis of capitalism as a feminist issue ... excellent." Peace News

"A treatise for an intersectional, socialist feminism that centers collective power over power for just a few." Jezebel

"A visionary, relatable and all-encompassing resource valuable both to the collective committed to achieving a feminist informed anti-capitalist society and to those who are yet to be haunted by the spectre." Felicity Adams, Feminist Legal Studies

"[A] timely, fiery manifesto ... Arruzza, Bhattacharya, and Fraser herald the arrival of a new internationalist, anticapitalist feminist movement ... The feminism they describe is universalist and collaborative, in solidarity with antiracist, queer, environmental, migrant, and labor rights movements also endangered by capitalism." Publishers Weekly

"'An anti-capitalist feminism has become thinkable today,’ Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya and Nancy Fraser argue in Feminism for the 99 Per Cent, ‘in part because the credibility of political elites is collapsing worldwide.’ They are right." Lorna Finlayson London Review of Books

"A crucial formulation of an inclusive, transformative, and global social shift." Quietus

"In a searing anti-capitalist manifesto written by three scholar-activists based in the US, Feminism for the 99% stands for all who are exploited, dominated and oppressed. ... Combining theory, rhetoric and principle, it reads as a call to arms." Race & Class

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