Coffeeshop Crushes: Tales of Love and Lust in Coffee Establishments

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    Nicole J. Georges, Jon Van Oast

    Publisher: Microcosm

    Year: 2007

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 34 pages

    ISBN: 9781934620397

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As raunchy and graphic as it is sweet and coy, this compilation is full of sex, lies, and über-embarrassing shoot-downs. The sexy, confusing, hilarious realm of server/customer romance (both requited and, sadly, otherwise) is humorously explored with contributions from folks like Too Much Coffee Man's Shannon Wheeler, Brainfag cartoonist Nate Beaty, and Constant Rider's Kate Lopresti.

What People Are Saying
"Who among us has not fallen deeply in love, if only for a fleeting two minutes, with the cutie making our drink at the local coffeeshop? Certainly, it's happened to us all.Coffeeshop Crushes is devoted to these fleeting fancies and is one of the most charming zines I've read in recent memory." Indie Street

"There are a lot of neurotic people in the world. Most of them can only get work at coffee shops. The rest drink copious amounts of coffee. The coffee servers and the coffee drinkers try to mate, but it rarely works out." 
Maximum Rocknroll

"What's best about this is the topic invites a lighthearted vulnerability you don't often see from such a diverse group in concert very often." 
Syndicated Zine Reviews

"Split between amusing anecdotes about secret crushes and illustrated comics that chart jittery attempts to gain the attention of beloved baristas. While a good many of the crushes remain simply that, a few gain purchase as lusty encounters of promise that end with embarrassing failures or broken hearts. As one such account concludes: "After a week and a half of coffee themed hot sex, I decided to declare my love. I was more surprised than he. He said, 'You know you're cute and all, but... .You're just too weird for me.'"" 
Utne Reader
About the Author
Nicole J. Georges is a zinester, illustrator, and pet portrait artist. She has been publishing her own zines and autobiographical comics for more than 14 years, the most recent of which include the Invincible Summer publications, and teaches self-publishing and autobiographical comic workshops to children and seniors.

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