Climate, Capitalism and Communities: An Anthropology of Environmental Overheating

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    Astrid B. Stensrud, Thomas Hylland Eriksen

    Publisher: Pluto Books

    Year: 2019

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 233 pages

    ISBN: 9780745339566

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Until now, the growing body of work on environmental anthropology has largely ignored the unavoidable impact of global capitalism on the environment and the extent to which capital itself is a key driver of climate change.

Climate, Capitalism and Communities focuses explicitly on that nexus, examining the injustices and inequalities - as well as the activist responses - that have arisen as a result, and the contradictions between the imperatives of exponential economic growth, and those of environmental sustainability, and society as a whole.

Bringing an innovative, ethnographic toolkit to bear on a crisis that is at once global and highly localised, the authors shift attention away from the consequences of climate change, to a focus on the social relations and power structures that continue to prevent effective action.

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