Aesthetics, Necropolitics, and Environmental Struggle

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    Critical Art Ensemble

    Publisher: Autonomedia

    Year: 2018

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 168 pages

    ISBN: 9781570273377

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Aesthetics, Necropolitics and Environmental Struggle takes a deep look at the elephant in the Anthropocene. This book calls the bluff on the unacknowledged relationship with death that has long haunted environmental positions from the far left to the far right. Digging deep into the philosophical underpinnings of the many anthro- and enviro-isms, CAE returns with overlooked contradictions that have been historically and strategically ignored. Despite its unflinching look at the politics of death, the book remains approachable and highly readable, and it won’t have you tightening a noose around your own neck.

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