A Day Mournful and Overcast, by an "uncontrollable " from the Iron Column

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    Publisher: Kate Sharpley Library


    Format: Saddle-stitched pamphlet

    Size: 21 pages


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The Iron Column was one of the legendary anarchist fighting units in the Spanish Revolution, famed because it was partly made up of ex-convicts, and because of its ferocious military abilities, and anarchist revolutionary fervor. This account first appeared in Nosotros , the daily newspaper of the Iron Column in March 1937, on the eve of its militarization. It serves as not only a moving personal account from one of its members, but a justification, and defence of the Column and its reputation.

Book Details

Format: Saddle-stitched pamphlet
ISBN: 1-873605-33-1
Size: 21 pages
Publisher: Kate Sharpley Library
Year: 2003

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