Ecology and Nature

Environmentalism, radical ecology these no longer refer to one issue among many, competing for space within a movement of movements, intersecting with others (or not) according to the particular preoccupations of individuals. As wildfires rage, droughts and flash floods multiply, and temperatures soar, the chaotic effects of capitalism's 150 year assault on the ecological systems that sustain us and all other known life are impossible to ignore. Even as they continue to systematically and continuously be mediated by global white supremacist capitalism, meaning that the effects are concentrated in zones of exploitation and oppression, while the citizens of the Global North dream increasingly of some kind of lifeboat fascism.

For many of us, these images fill our field of vision as a paralyzing apocalypse. But as they say, "another end of the world is possible."

Any movement for liberation must grapple with these questions here and now, must chart a course that ends this onslaught as soon as possible, confront the effects of the damage already done as we go forward, together, and find ways to dream and scheme for the restoration of what has been lost, wherever possible.