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[Originally posted to] A review of J Sakai, The Shape of Things to Come (Montreal: Kersplebedeb, 2023). Last month, we looked at the Kersplebedeb release A Brilliant Red Thread, an anthology of writings by Don Hamerquist. This month, we’re looking at a somewhat similar release by Kersplebedeb, The Shape of Things to Come, an anthology of writings by J. Sakai. The main difference is that most of Hamerquist’s book consisted of emails and online forum contributions unavailable to a broader public before, while most texts in The Shape of Things to Come were previously published, so avid Sakai fans...

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[Originally posted to Gabriel Kuhn's blog at] A review of Don Hamerquist, A Brilliant Red Thread (Montreal: Kersplebedeb, 2023). There is much to like about Montreal publisher Kersplebedeb. One thing is the political positioning. Introducing a list of “Texts for leninists with an anti-authoritarian critique of leninism, and for anarchists with a pro-rev critique of anarchism” they write: “Here at Kersplebedeb, some of of our favourite radical theory occurs where anarchists (broadly speaking) who are critical of anarchism – and are therefore charged with being Leninists – intermingle with Leninists (broadly speaking) who are critical of Leninism – and...

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Intro   A recent book on the Revolutionary Cells of Germany, a network of militant left-wing radicals active in the 1980s and 90s, includes a curious exchange. An interviewer asks three former RC members about anti-imperialism, insisting that it was a “Leninist concept”. Eventually, one of the former RC members says: “The term ‘anti-imperialism’ was widely used within the left at the time, it didn’t necessarily indicate Leninism. ... It meant that liberation cannot be reduced to the national frame; it needs to be international and the result of fighting an international system of exploitation.”   The questions by the...

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