"You Should Be Grateful": Stories of Race, Identity, and Transracial Adoption

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    Angela Tucker

    Publisher: Beacon Press

    Year: 2024

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 208 pages

    ISBN: 9780807093375

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An adoption expert and transracial adoptee herself examines the unique perspectives and challenges these adoptees have as they navigate multiple cultures

“Your parents are so amazing for adopting you! You should be grateful that you were adopted.”

Angela Tucker is a Black woman, adopted from foster care by white parents. She has heard this microaggression her entire life, usually from well-intentioned strangers who view her adoptive parents as noble saviors. She is grateful for many aspects of her life, but being transracially adopted involves layers of rejection, loss, and complexity that cannot be summed up so easily.

In “You Should Be Grateful,” Tucker centers the experiences of adoptees to share deeply personal stories, well-researched history, and engrossing anecdotes from mentorship sessions with adopted youth. These perspectives challenge the fairy-tale narrative of adoption, giving way to a fuller story that explores the impacts of racism, classism, family, love, and belonging.

About the Author

Angela Tucker is a Black woman adopted from foster care to a white family. Angela is the subject of Closure, a documentary that chronicles her search for her biological parents, she is the founder of The Adopted Life, a consulting company where she offers workshops and mentorship, with a mission to help center adoptee stories and bring clarity and truth narratives about race, class, and identity. She is the host of The Adoptee Next Door podcast and has advised the writers of Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill and NBC’s show, This Is Us. Angela lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Emmy-award winning filmmaker Bryan Tucker.

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