You Can't Win

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    Jack Black

    Publisher: AK Press



    Size: 279 pages

    ISBN: 9781902593029

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A legendary book, bestseller in 1926, and hovering at the edge of our memory since; the favorite book of William Burroughs. A journey into the hobo underworld, freight hopping around the still Wild West, becoming a highwayman and member of the yegg (criminal) brotherhood, getting hooked on opium, doing stints in jail, or escaping, often with the assistance of crooked cops or judges. Our lost history revived. Includes a new afterword by Bruno Ruhland, who tells what became of Jack after the book was written (he gave up the outlaw life and moved to San Francisco), and an essay by Jack Black called "What's Wrong with the Right People," which was originally published in Harper's. With an introduction by William Burroughs.

Book Details

Author: Jack Black
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781902593029
Size: 279 pages
Publisher: AK Press

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