The Riot at Christie Pits

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    Cyril Levitt, William Shaffir

    Publisher: New Jewish Press

    Year: 2018

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 320 pages

    ISBN: 9781988326085

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Ethnic tensions had been rising in Toronto throughout the hot summer of 1933. Hitler had recently come to power in Germany and some residents of the eastern beaches neighbourhood had formed "Swastika Clubs" to protect their community from "undesirable elements."

On August 16, at Toronto’s Christie Pits, a baseball game between two local teams - one made up of Jewish players - ignited the simmering resentments. Some troublemakers unfurled a huge swastika flag, shouting, "Heil Hitler!" Retaliation from Jewish spectators and players was swift and reinforcements for both sides poured into the park. The result - never experienced in Toronto before or since - was a four-hour race riot.

The riot at Christie Pits remains a disturbing, even legendary part of the city's history. Authors Cyril Levitt and William Shaffir, carefully sifting fact from fiction, provide a compelling perspective on how ordinary Canadians reacted to the intensifying antisemitism in Europe.

About the Author

William Shaffir is a professor in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University.

Table of Contents

Note to the Reader

Chapter 1 Toronto the Good—1933
Chapter 2 “Every Evil is Jewish”
Chapter 3 “Keep the Beaches Clean”
Chapter 4 “Jews Flee in Terror From Nazi Torture”
Chapter 5 “Swastika Club Must Be Outlawed”
Chapter 6 Kipling or Hitler?
Chapter 7 “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
Chapter 8 “Dismissed All Charges”
Chapter 9 Protest
Chapter 10 “…Lies, Lies, Lies”



What People Are Saying

"[Major’s book] results in a detailed study that impressively brings out the handling of biblical texts across a range of retellings throughout the Anglo-Saxon period, even as he convincingly demonstrates that there may be less at stake in these retellings than meets the eye."

Paula J. Draper, Multicultural History Society of Ontario, Urban History Review, vol 17 no 3, February 1989

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