Teamster Power

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    Farrell Dobbs

    Publisher: Pathfinder Press

    Year: 2008

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 375 pages

    ISBN: 9780873489997

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The second of four books on the 1930s strikes, organizing drives, and political campaigns that transformed the Teamsters union in Minnesota and much of the Midwest into a fighting industrial union movement.

Written by a leader of the communist movement in the US and organizer of the Teamsters union during the rise of the CIO. Indispensable tools for advancing revolutionary politics, organization, and effective trade unionism.

What People Are Saying

“Instructive and enjoyable reading for anyone interested in labor history.” —Missouri Teamster

“Important lessons in this highly insightful book.” —Nebraska Dispatch

“A book by a militant about militants of the past for militants of today.” —Hibernia, Matt Merrigan, president of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (1985-86)

“Of interest to students of local labor history” —Union Advocate

“Rich collection of photos.” —Research Book News

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