Tangled Roots: Dialogues exploring ecological justice, healing and decolonization

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    Matt Soltys

    Publisher: diy

    Year: 2012

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 215 pages

    ISBN: 9781604864267

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Tangled Roots: Dialogues exploring ecological justice, healing, and decolonization is unique – it’s an environmental book that talks about immigration conflicts and borders, sexism and patriarchy, mental health, Native rights, police brutality, and more. Within this book are clear discussions on the many interconnections between different social and environmental issues – and why social justice and environmental sustainability need to go hand in hand. Chosen for their relevance and importance, the interviews in Tangled Roots explore an interconnected analysis, and propose a civic engagement that addresses the depth and complexity of the problems we face. We are encouraged to see how we have more in common with other groups of people than we might otherwise think – and from there, to reach out and cultivate solidarity with others who share a similar worldview but a different focus. Tangled Roots contains 12 interviews produced by Healing the Earth Radio – but it is much more than just a collection of interviews. It is an edited collection with each interview chosen to complement and build upon each of the others. The introductions to each interview tease out and highlight the tangled roots that weave throughout the book, making it more of it’s own unique project, and illuminating each interview in a much larger context. An extensive endnote section includes details about people, reports, or events that were briefly mentioned by the contributor, providing in-depth information that makes it more of an educational text. The appendix contains a bio of each contributor and a bibliography detailing their projects and/or books. Tangled Roots features Jihan Gearon, Diana Abellera, Richard Heinberg, Betsy Hartmann, Blake Levitt, Stephen Buhner, Lisa Rayner, Erik Ohlsen, Craig Chalquist, Jeff Luers, Ramona Africa, Waziyatawin, and Kanahus Pellkey.

Book Details

Author: Matt Soltys
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60486-426-7
Size: 215 pages
Publisher: LeftWingBooks
Year: 2012

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