Sun, Fun Slavery: How the south became the north's playground

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    Nelson Ross Laguna

    Publisher: LeftWingBooks



    Size: 68 pages + notes


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Nelson Ross Laguna explores modern day tourism in the americas and where it meets the concept of terrorism. Most of us never stop to think about the footprints we leave afte we have left the areas we claim to explore. Our attempts at helping the south by giving them tourist dollars is another attempt to have white man's privileg save the poor from becoming poorer all the while reinforcing racist stereotypes and the histories of slavery on a continuing path of imperialism. In our attempts to invent our own little paradise in someone else's backyard, we have in turn created a system we were determined to destroy.

Nelson Ross Laguna is an anarchist and a union activist. He curently resides in Ottawa, Canada, and works for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

Book Details

Author: Nelson Ross Laguna
Format: Paperback
Size: 68 pages + notes
Publisher: LeftWingBooks
Year: 2009

Tags: against war and empire ....... anticapitalism ....... LeftWingBooks .......