Space Invaders: Radical Geographies of Protest

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    Paul Routledge

    Publisher: Pluto Books

    Year: 2017

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 192 pages

    ISBN: 9780745336244

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A history of global protests and social movements from the perspective of radical geography

Space Invaders argues for the importance of a radical geographic perspective in enabling us to make sense of protests and social movements around the world. Under conditions of increasing global economic inequalities, we are witnessing the flourishing of grassroots people's movements fighting for improved rights.

Whether it be the alter-globalisation mobilisations of the turn of the century, the flurry of Occupy protests, or the current wave of anti-austerity mobilisations taking place, there is a geographical logic to all forms of protest whether that be through transforming landscapes, occupying enemy territory or developing solidarity and communication networks.

Paul Routledge takes a primarily auto-ethnographical perspective, drawing upon his extensive experience over the past thirty years working with various forms of protest in Europe, Asia and Latin America, to provide an account of how a radical geographical imagination can inform our understanding and the prosecution of protest.

About the Author

Paul Routledge is Professor of Contentious Politics and Social Change at the School of Geography, University of Leeds, and author of Space Invaders (Pluto, 2017), Terrains of Resistance (Praeger, 1993) and Global Justice Networks (MUP, 2009).

What People Are Saying

"Fuses theory, practice, and passion—love and rage—to reveal the nuanced geographical logics of social movements in places from Andhra Pradesh to Zuccotti Park at scales from the body to the globe." Cindi Katz, Author of Growing Up Global: Economic Restructuring and Children’s Everyday Lives

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Series Preface
1. Radical Geographies of Protest: Spatial Strategies, Sites of Intervention and Scholar Activism
2. Know Your Place: Barricades, Rooftops and Being Steadfast
3. Make Some Space: Camps, Commons and Occupations
4. Stay Mobile: Packs and Swarms, Flash Mobs and Hacktivism
5. Wage Wars of Words: Testimonies, Communiqués and Culture Jamming
6. Extend Your Reach: Convergences, Conferences and Caravans
7. Feel Out of Place: Ethical Spectacles, Zaps and Guerrilla Performances
8. Space Invaders: Power, Politics and Protest

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