Social Crisis and Social Demoralization: The Dynamics of Status in American Race Relations

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    Ronald Kuykendall

    Publisher: Arissa



    Size: 122 pages

    ISBN: 9780974288437

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This alternative perspective on the problem of American race relations takes sharp aim at the issues of status, power, and political class.Arguing that the racial problem is a political class conflict that must be resolved through revolutionary struggle, this insightful exploration adeptly unravels the complex interrelationships of status, political repression, and social stratification involved in American race issues. As the social crisis of race relations threatens to boil over in 21st century America, the content of this book is a critical look at the roots of the “race problem” as a power dynamic and asks what solutions—if any—seem possible.

About the Author

Ronald Kuykendall is an instructor of political science at Trident Technical College in South Carolina and has published articles in the Journal of Black Studies and Western Journal of Black Studies, and was a contributor to the multivolume Encyclopedia of the Great Black Migration. He lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

Book Details

Author: Ronald Kuykendall
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780974288437
Size: 122 pages
Publisher: Arissa Media Group
Year: 2005

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