Revolutionary Writing: Common Sense Essays In Post-Political Politics

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    Editor(s): Werner Bonefeld

    Publisher: Autonomedia



    Size: 253 pages

    ISBN: 9781570271335

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Fourteen radical essays in "open" or "autonomous" Marxism, subverting (by critiquing) the typical concept of the political, and examining the current configurations of the insurrection of global labor against global capital.

After a century of failed attempts to bring about radical social change,the concept of revolution is itself in crisis. The resurgence of anti-capitalist movements across the globe is a hopeful sign. Yet, themost disturbing is the contemporary indifference to revolution. What doesanti-capitalism in its contemporary form of anti-globalisation mean if itis not a practical critique of capitalism and what does it wish to achieveif its anti-capitalism fails to espouse the revolutionary project of humanemancipation? Anti-capitalist indifference to revolution is acontradiction in terms. The misery of our time demands that we, onceagain, dream revolution, that is, orient our theoretical and practicalactivities on the ideal of the society of the free and equal.

Includes essays by John Holloway, Harry Cleaver, Antonio Negri, Ferruccio Gambino, Johannes Agnoli Mariarosa Dalla Costa, George Caffentzis, Mike Rooke, and Werner Bonefeld.

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Editor: Werner Bonefeld
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781570271335
Size: 253 pages
Publisher: Autonomedia
Year: 2003

Tags: Autonomedia ....... autonomist and left communist ....... philosophy .......