Revolutionary Romanticism: A Drunken Boat Anthology

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    Editor(s): Max Blechman

    Publisher: City Lights



    Size: 250 pages

    ISBN: 9780872863514

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Revolutionary Romanticism draws on almost two centuries of intertwined traditions of cultural and political subversion. In this rich collection of writings by artists, scholars, and revoltutionaries, the transgressions of the past are recaptured and transvalued for the benefit of the struggles of today and tomorrow.

In a period when politics is dreary and political art cliched, Drunken Boat was brilliantly alive and unconventional. It summoned up a world where subversion spelled art and art spelled liberation; but Drunken Boat was more than a blast from the past: it spoke to the present. Drunken Boat was the vessel of choice for those bored with chartered cruises and organized day-trips — Russel Jacoby.

Featuring writing by Max Blechman, Annie Le Brun, Peter Marshall, Maurice Hindle, Arthur Mitzman, Christopher Winks, Miguel Abensour, Martin Green Erich Muhsam, Marie-Dominique Massoni, Michael Lowy, Michael Richardson, and Daniel Blanchard.

Book Details

Editor: Max Blechman
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780872863514
Size: 250 pages
Publisher: City Lights
Year: 1999

Tags: anarchism ....... anticapitalism ....... art ....... autonomist and left communist ....... City Lights ....... cultural studies .......