South Atlantic Quarterly: Reading Sex Work

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    Heather Berg (ed.)

    Publisher: Duke University Press

    Year: 2021

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 220 pages

    ISBN: 9781478021056

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In this special issue, contributors theorize sexual labor as both work and a site of labor resistance and transformation. Rather than critiquing sex work itself, they consider what scholars of migration, sexuality, digital labor, and service work can learn from sex workers' interventions into their own conditions, including critical insights into power and control, gendered labor, and collective organizing. They critique the introduction of respectability politics into sex worker activism; study the insights of Black trans women sex workers into labor and the pleasures it affords; and explore erotic labor as an escape from work that leads the way to an antiwork politics of refusal and community care. Contributors to this issue highlight sex workers' own production of knowledge for navigating racial capitalism, state violence, and economic precarity.

Contributors: Irene (HyeJung) Ahn, femi babylon, Camille Barbagallo, Heather Berg, Thaddeus Blanchette, Vanessa Carlisle, Arnab Roy Chowdhury, Julian Kevon Glover, Kate Hardy, Rusaslina Idrus, Kevin Lin, Joyce C. H. Liu, Manie (Jong-Man Choi), Annie McClanahan, Gregory Mitchell, Brett Neilson, Pun Ngai, Jonathan S. Parhusip, Jon-David Settell, Svati P. Shah, Jayne Swift

Tags: Black Liberation ....... Duke University Press ....... feminism ....... Heather Berg ....... queer liberation ....... sex work ....... sexuality ....... trans-gender-queer .......