Rape New York

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    Remi Kanazi, Jana Leo

    Publisher: The Feminist Press

    Year: 2011

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 192 pages

    ISBN: 9781558616813

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In the gripping first pages of this true story, Jana Leo relives the moment-by-moment experience of a home invasion and rape in her own apartment in Harlem. After she reports the crime, she waits. Between police disinterest and squabbles from the health insurance company over who's going to pay for the rape kit, she realizes that the violence of such an experience does not stop with the crime. Increasingly concerned that the rapist will return (to harm her or other women in the building), she seeks help from her landlord, who refuses to address security issues on the property. She comes to understand that it is precisely these conditions of newly gentrified lower-income areas which lead to vulnerable living spaces, high turnover rates, and ultimately higher profits for these slumlords. In this most singular memoir, Leo weaves a psychological journey into an analysis that becomes equally personal: the fault lines of property mismanagement, class vulnerabilities, and a deeply flawed criminal justice system. In a stunning conclusion, Leo has her day in court. Jana Leo taught at Cooper Union for seven years and now divides her time between Madrid and New York. In 2007 she founded Civic Gaps, a New York think tank dedicated to studying empty or neglected spaces in the city.

Book Details

Author: Jana Leo
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-55861-681-3
Size: 192 pages
Publisher: Feminist Press of CUNY
Year: 2011

Tags: anticapitalism ....... feminism ....... Feminist Press of CUNY ....... Jana Leo .......