Postcards from the Promised Land: Abu Ghneim becomes Har Homa

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    Artist(s): Freda Guttman

    Publisher: Freda Guttman



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A set of 8 'tourist' postcards' which fold and unfold.

On the back is text which provides a context for the images. Abu Ghneim becomes Har Homa tells the story of how a green mountain, Abu Ghneim, with its precious ecosystem was stolen from the people of the Bethlehem municipality in order to build a settlement, called Har Homa. For many years Palestinians and their allies fought a non-violent battle of demonstrations and in the Israeli courts, to no avail. Har Homa was built and is now considered a part of Greater Jerusalem. This was a part of the Israeli master plan to enlarge Jerusalem, cutting off Palestinians from it, thereby preventing Jerusalem from becoming a shared capital of 2 states.

This set and "Olive Trees" are each available for $5.00 separately—or together for $8.00 (click here!).

By well-known Canadian artist and longtime Montreal activist Freda Guttman.

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Format: Strip of eight postcards
Publisher: LeftWingBooks

Tags: art ....... Freda Guttman ....... Palestine ....... settler colonialism .......