Not For Rent: Conversations With Creative Activists In The UK

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    Stacey Wakefield

    Publisher: AK PRess



    Size: 88 pages


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A spanking new edition of this beautiful and inspiring book. Originally published in 1995, it's a collection of interviews (together with photos and plenty of context) with various political and cultural activists in Britain. Street reclaimers, squatters, road protesters, musicians, artists, cafes, autonomous and social centers, and much more. This new edition includes an even better layout, new introductions, along with endnotes to each interview, updating us readers on what has happened to the various projects and interviewees in the intervening years (itself educational and inspirational—and occasionally a little depressing). An incredible work of documentation, history, art, and politics.

Book Details

Author: Stacey Wakefield
Format: oversize paperback
ISBN: 9780971297296
Size: 88 pages
Publisher: LeftWingBooks
Year: 2003

Tags: activism ....... AK PRess ....... cultural studies ....... diy and living skills ....... europe .......