Move Into the Light: postcript to a turbulent 2007

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    Turbulence Collective

    Publisher: PM Press


    Format: Saddle-stitched pamphlet

    Size: 20 pages


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Starting from the anti-G8 mobilization at Heiligendamm last year, this pamphlet tries to provide a "where we're at" from a European anti-capitalist perspective. Climate change, recent developments in Latin America and the 2005 revolt in the banlieues in France all figure into this pamphlet, as the authors try to explore where they are and aren't and what this might mean for their movement(s).

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Book Details

Author: Turbulence Collective
Format: Saddle-stitched pamphlet
ISBN: 978-1-60486-031-3
Size: 20 pages
Publisher: PM Press
Year: 2008

Tags: autonomist and left communist ....... PM Press .......