kites: a journal of communist theory and strategy #5-6 (Jan. 2022)

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    Publisher: Kites Publications

    Year: 2022

    Format: journal

    Size: 340 pages


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kites is a journal of communist theory and strategy for revolution focused on North America. It emerged in 2020 from the initiative of two organizations: Revolutionary Initiative (RI) in Canada and the Organization of Communist Revolutionaries (OCR) in the US. Its Editorial Committee is composed of a few communist revolutionaries from across North America, and operates as an independent entity.

Table of Contents
  • “There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth ...Than Are Dreamt of in Your Philosophy” (issue #5-6 editorial)
    by the kites editorial committee
  • Chairman Gonzalo’s Legacy of Steadfast Revolutionary Principle and Strategic Innovations
    by the kites editorial committee
  • Abolish grifterism
    by the kites editorial committee
  • “Banish pessimism and defeatism”: An Interview with Umberto Corti of the Central Committee of the (new) Italian Communist Party (Part 2 of On Granite Conviction: revolutionary communism in italy today)
    by the kites editorial committee
  • Chronicles of the struggling and dispossessed: An investigation into the other side Canada
    by Jorge, Maggie, and Arthur
  • Code Blue: The Living Nightmare of Healthcare Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    by a kites reader
  • Everything Changed/Nothing Changed: Minneapolis a year after the rebellion
    by kites readers
  • Queensbridge Projects and the nycha-mare of disrepair and neglect
    by kites readers
  • “Kick, Push,” but Don’t “Coast”: Skateboarders and the 2020 Summer Rebellion
    by conrad drexel
  • Lessons from Beyond the Grave: A Case Study of Opportunism and a Summation of Efforts by Renters Together in Lawrence, Kansas
    by akio
  • Revolution has vanished, replaced with fantasies of dual power, counterpower, “base areas,” abolition, and other “bottom-up” bourgeois-democratic illusions
    by kenny lake

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