Islands In Captivity: The International Tribunal On The Rights Of Indigenous Hawaiʻians

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    Editor(s): Sharon Venne, Ward Churchill

    Publisher: South End Press



    Size: 783 pages

    ISBN: 9780896087385

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One hundred years after American marines overthrew the elected Native Hawaiʻian government in support of white American sugar-planters, Native Hawaiʻians asserted their self-determination during marches, debates, ceremonies, and ten days of testimony before an international panel of legal and human rights experts. Of the nine distinguished judges, Sharon Venne and Ward Churchill agreed to serve as editors for the 20,000 pages of testimony presented during those August 1993 hearings. Organized into sections of oral testimony, essays, charges, and findings, this 800-page anthology presents the most extensive, diverse, and accessible argument for Native Hawaiʻian sovereignty.

Book Details

Editor: Sharon Venne|Ward Churchill
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780896087385
Size: 783 pages
Publisher: South End Press
Year: 2005

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