Enlightenment and Ecology: The Legacy of Murray Bookchin in the 21st Century

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    Editor(s): Yavor Tarinski

    Publisher: Black Rose Books

    Year: 2021

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 236 pages

    ISBN: 9781551647098

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Throughout his life, prophetic American philosopher Murray Bookchin created social ecology as a comprehensive social program for the challenges of our present era. Through tireless teaching, speaking, organizing, and writing, Bookchin presented a humanist vision of ecology based on community, direct democracy, and the better promises of the Enlightenment, showing how we could transform our society into one that is free and egalitarian.

Enlightenment and Ecology is an international collection of commemorative essays by scholars and activists who have each incorporated the ideas of social ecology into their own work. This book also examines how the Kurdish freedom movement is using the Bookchin’s utopian ideas. In a time of urgent need for radical change, these essays provide both precious historical lessons and a transformative road map.

About the Editor

Yavor Tarinski is independent researcher, activist and author. He participates in social movements around the Balkans, as well as in transnational organizations, dedicated to the production of grassroots knowledge. Author of the book Direct Democracy: Context, Society, Individuality (Durty Books 2019). Articles of his have been translated into 10 languages.

What People Are Saying

"This book is crucial for everyone trying to understand what the social ecology movement in Europe is about and the influence it has had on the Left and on movements like Occupy, Indignados, the climate justice movement and the Yellow Vests movements in the twenty-first century. This anthology greatly sheds light not only on Bookchin’s ideas but also on the practices and actions of many different people and groups who have been inspired by those ideas." Rafa Grinfeld

Table of Contents

Preface by Yavor Tarinski

Introduction by Yavor Tarinski

PART I: Bookchin’s Theoretical Legacy

The Unique Contribution of Murray Bookchin to Political Thought by Jean-François Filion

Bookchin and the Legacy of Direct Democracy by Yavor Tarinski

Bookchin, Öcalan, and the Dialectics of Democracy by Janet Biehl

Murray Bookchin and Radical Agriculture by Brian Morris

The Ecology of Urban Regeneration by Eirik Eiglad

The Significance of the City for Social Ecology by Giorgos Papahristodoulou

On Hannah Arendt and Murray Bookchin: Bridging Intellectual Legacies by Jason Toney

Can Cyborgs Dream of Social Ecology by Nikos Vrantsis

On Connecting a New Scientific Economics with Social Ecology by Peter Piperkov

Reflections on "Limits of the City" by Kostas Papoulis

Murray Bookchin's Legacy of Freedom by Ramazan Kaya

On the Re-organization of Society: or Eco-Anarchism by Georgi Konstantinov

PART II: Bookchin’s Influence on Political Practice Around the World

Bookchin's journey to ancient and modern Greece by Stavros Karageorgakis and Niovi Hatzinikolaou

Murray Bookchin In Greece: The publication of his works and the impact of his ideas by Costas Despiniadis

Murray Bookchin and contemporary Greek social movements: The influence of social ecology on democratic political discourse by Alexandros Schismenos

Bookchin's Influence on Ocalan and the PKK's Evolution by Hawzhin Azeez

Bookchin and the Kurdish movement in Turkey by Reco Akgün

Spreading Murray Bookchin’s ideas in Germany by Wolfgang Haug

Montreal and Murray Bookchin by Dimitri Roussopoulos

From Athens to Cork: Collective Design as a Social Ecological Praxis of Community Building by Eve Olney

Murray Bookchin In Flanders Fields (Belgium) by Roger Jacobs

Social Ecology Education and Demonstration School (SEEDS—A Brief History) by Bob Spivey

A Revolutionary Agenda Whose Time has Come: an Emerging Municipalist Wave in France? by Theo Rouhette

Murray Bookchin in Italy by Selva Varengo

Conclusion by Yavor Tarinski

Book Details

Editor: Yavor Tarinski
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-55164-709-8
Size: 236 pages
Publisher: Black Rose Books
Year: 2021

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