Direct Action: Reflections on Armed Resistance and the Squamish Five

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    Ann Hansen

    Publisher: G-7 Welcoming Committee


    Format: CD

    Size: 55 minutes


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Ann Hansen reflects on the successes and failures of the bombings she participated in in the 1980s, and dispels some of the common myths surrounding not only her actions, but armed struggle in general. She also explores the differences between direct action and terrorism as means of affecting social change; laying the groundwork for defining what direct action means, what its guiding principles are, and how it can be applied successfully and meaningfully in today's political climate.

Includes text on the Vancouver Five by the late Jim Campbell, a longtime Toronto prisoner rights activist and anarchist organizer.

Book Details

Author: Ann Hansen
Artist: Ann Hansen
Format: Audio CD
Size: 55 minutes
Publisher: G-7 Welcoming Committee
Year: 2002

Tags: anarchism ....... Ann Hansen ....... anticapitalism ....... armed struggle ....... canada ....... ecology ....... G-7 Welcoming Committee .......