Class War: A Decade of Disorder

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    Ian Bone, Alan Pullen, and Tim Scargill

    Publisher: Verso

    Year: 1991

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 110 pages

    ISBN: 9780860915584

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For ten years, Tory Britain has burned. From Brixton ’81 to Oxford, Cardiff, and Tyneside ’91 the unforgivable have risen and seized back their streets. With a petrol bomb in one hand a biro in the other, Class War was there. And Class War is here—fearless, hilarious and, for the rich and powerful of this benighted isle, absolutely terrifying.

In these explosive pages you can find out how to tell if your neighbours are yuppies (and how to make their cars contribute to global warming if they are), how to make a splash at the Henley regatta, and how to go on a shopping spree without any money. Here you will discover why Joe Strummer rocks against the rich, the astonishing blood ties between Her Majesty the Queen and Adolf Hitler and, in a few words, the difference between Neil Kinnock and a slime monster.

Publishers’ Warning! This book contains explicit language and illustration which may offend yuppies, police officers, members of the royal family and people who think the world can be changed by holding hands and singing "We shall overcome."

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