All the Pretty People: Tales of Carob, Shame, and Barbie-Envy

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    Ariel Gore

    Publisher: Microcosm

    Year: 2011

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 143 pages

    ISBN: 9781934620120

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This queer love story by Ariel Gore brings out all of the dirt on 1970s suburban hippies. Through an authentic voice, these funny short stories alternate between warming and saddening your soul. No shortage of shame, violence, and Barbie envy. The book takes you through her childhood, part one taking place in the 70's and part 2 ending in the 80's. it's a novella of 60 Insta-stories that make up the young life of Ariel Gore. It's basically about the pretty people she used to know in California—the people she wanted to be but never quite felt she was. "How was I to know that all the pretty people got their answers from TV?"

Tags: Ariel Gore ....... feminism ....... memoir ....... Microcosm ....... queer liberation .......