4Strugglemag #20 Winter 2011/12

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    Ken Wishnia

    Publisher: 4strugglemag

    Year: 2011


    Size: 46 pages


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The Winter 2011/12 issue of this prisoners' magazine, published by outside supporters in Toronto. Issue #20 is a special retrospective, and as such includes both recent news and writings, and also articles selected from the past eight years.

(New) Content:

  • Criticisms of the Occupy Movement
  • Introduction to Issue 20
  • 20th Issue Retrospective
  • Death
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • On Occupy Wall Street
  • On Occupy Wall Street
  • Are We An Occupation or Just a Gathering?
  • What is the meaning of the California prisoner hunger strikes? A statement in support of the hunger strikers
  • Conspire to Resist: Regarding our Plea Deal

Pieces if importance, reprinted in this retrospective:

  • War in Iraq: Imperialism in the 21st Century by Jaan Laaman
  • U.S. War and Occupation of Iraq by Tom Manning
  • Truth and Resistance: U.S. out of Iraq by Oscar Lopez Rivera
  • War in Iraq: September ‘03 by Sundiata Acoli
  • The Iraq War, Occupations, Governments and U.S. Imperialism by Alvaro Luna Hernandez
  • On Lynne Stewart by David Gilbert
  • Statements from U.S. Political Prisoners in Support of Palestine
  • A Letter from Akili by Akili Castlin
  • Akili’s Letter: A Response by Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • On Bro. Akili’s Suggestion by Herman Bell
  • Response to Akili’s Letter by Robert Phillipe
  • Response to Akili’s Letter by Lasyah M. Palmer
  • Black August by Marilyn Buck
  • Lawyers Guild Condemns Racist Arrests of Black Panthers by CDHR
  • Comandante Filiberto Ojeda Rios – Presente! by Jaan Laaman
  • Meet the New Boss(es), Same as the Old Boss(es) by Bill Dunne
  • Move Update: Parole Hearing
  • Leonard Peltier Remembers Geronimo Pratt
  • Barack Obama and the 2008 Elections by Jaan Laaman
  • Why We Jog by LA-ABCF
  • Political Prisoners in America by Jaan Laaman
  • The Jericho Movement 10th Anniversary by Jalil Muntaqim
  • Free the Wimyn! by Comrade Spider
  • Women in the Struggle by Jaan Laaman
  • Statement on Richard Williams by Ray Luc Levasseur
  • My Blood is a Million Stories by Nzingha Shakur Ali
  • Alternatives While Waiting: Self-Reliance by Marilyn Buck
  • Tributes to Marilyn Buck By Russell ‘Maroon’ Shoats and Shaka Zulu

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Size: 46 pages
Publisher: LeftWingBooks
Year: 2011

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